3 Common Hydraulic Pump Problems

Hydraulic systems are designed to get the job done. Like any machine, sometimes problems can occur that throw a wrench into the system. Keep an eye out for common issues that might be giving your products trouble, and if necessary, know when it’s time to replace your hydraulic cylinder parts.

Seal Failure

Plenty of research has gone into discovering causes of failing seals on a piece of important equipment. Many experts believe that using oils or lubricants that are not designed for a specific piece of machinery can cause serious trouble. However, even if the correct materials are being used, trouble can still occur when fluids are contaminated. The easiest way to prevent fluid contamination is with diligent and regular cleaning of the equipment.


Visible leaking, similarly, is a strong indication that part of the pump is at risk of failure. Remember that while exterior leaks can be spotted, interior leaks are certainly possible and a bit more difficult to be aware of. The first warning sign for a leak is a decrease in performance. If your system seems to be running a bit slowly, despite otherwise fine performance, there may be an interior leak. A significant exterior leak should be cause for pause of use until the issue can be addressed in full.

Unusual Noises

Rattling and banging from your pump is a definite sign of trouble as hydraulic machines are designed to work quietly. Often, these noises are due to a problem known as aeration in which excess air can cause buildup or dislodge debris. These small pieces can cause larger trouble in the long run. Additionally, unusual noises can be the product of a severe temperature change. If the machine is especially cold or especially hot, the system can be compromised.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, know that it may be time for replacements. Safety should always be a priority. Focus on putting in the repair work as early as possible so that your machine will continue working for you.

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