4 Reasons You Need a Watermaster

Shallow bodies of water can become cluttered with debris, soil, and vegetation that leads to flooding and can limit the flow of rivers and streams. Standard dredging equipment is not all that helpful with shallow waterways. The Watermaster allows you to manage the condition of the water more effectively and preserve adjoining property.

Easy for One Man to Maneuver

Unlike the working of standard dredging equipment, the Watermaster is easy for a single individual to operate. It can be transported to any location using a small trailer. It requires no special lifts, hoists, or complicated equipment. You simply launch it into the water from the back of the trailer.

Self-Propelled Engineering

Thoughtful design has gone into the development of the Watermaster dredger. It has the ability to work in depths up to six-meters. It is self-propelled and completely amphibious. It is engineered to answer the needs of those in the field that have consistently struggled with other dredging methods and equipment.

Focused Shallow Water Flow Solution

The Watermaster is the perfect dredger for tight quarters and the shallow waters of canal inlets, ponds, reservoirs, lake edges, urban drainage ditches, and more. You can stay focused on removing the vegetation, soil, and debris that are impeding water flow, or could cause property flooding. It is the perfect solution for canals and drainage systems that are near roads and walkways.

Safer than a Land-Based Excavator

Attempting to use a land-based excavator will require more labor and time. It will take at least one person in the water to spot the debris or blockages that need removing, while another to operate the excavator. The Watermaster can handle the job with one-person-operation.

Maintaining shallow waterways in a condition that prevents a build-up, spill-over, or major flooding is essential. The watermaster dredging device will make this job easier and more effective.

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