4 Simple Improvements to Improve Your Home Security

With the current increase in levels of crime and home robberies, many people are looking into fortifying their homes in order to improve on their security and the security of their families. Crime rates have gone through the roof which is why you need to have a place where you’re safe and protected: your home. However, with home attacks becoming as common as muggings on the streets and car-jacking, your home needs to be secured against invaders.

There are many ways by which home security can be enhanced, and it doesn’t really have to cost you the earth. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can improve your home security.

Get an Assessment

Before you opt to do anything to beef up the security of your home, you need to get an initial assessment from a reputable company which will advise you on how secure your home is at the moment and what you need to do to improve security. There are a few security companies that will do this assessment at little or no cost, if you will consider getting your security measures done by them.

Buy an Alarm System

After you’ve done your initial assessment, you can opt to install a home security system which may entail a host of features such as a burglar alarm to dissuade thieves from breaking in, a medical alarm in cases of emergency and a flood, fire and Carbon Monoxide monitoring alarm for other emergencies. However, such alarm systems may cost a lot so if you’re only looking into safety from invaders, you can opt to install a home security system with the basic features of safety such as the burglar alarm. Remember that when you’re opting for an alarm system, ensure it is fitted properly and doesn’t give false alarms or your neighbors will learn to ignore it even when you’re actually in trouble.

Install New Doors and WIndows

If you’re really looking into beefing up security for your home, why not opt for new doors and new windows? Many security companies today offer reinforced doors and windows which require special access to open. If you don’t wish to spend on new doors, you can also opt to re-inforce your old doors with deadlocks that bolt from the inside. However, if you have rickety old doors, make the change to new reinforced doors to keep yourself safe.

Exterior Security

Your home’s internal security is as important as the exterior security, especially if you have a big family and love spending time outside the house in the front-yard or back-yard. Exterior security features may include guard dogs, electric wires fitted to the top of the external walls fencing your property, thorny shrubs surrounding the home and many more. Taking care of exterior security is very important, since these features are the first to be noted by any would-be burglar(s), who will then pass over your home for easier pickings.

About the author: Eric Stafford is a home security specialists and writes widely on the topic for a range of publications.

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