4 Warning Signs of Poor Customer Service

When signing up to a new service provider or shopping with a retailer you’ve never used before, you may wonder how on earth you’re supposed to spot the good from the bad. Nobody has a crystal ball, so you may think it’s impossible to foresee poor customer service. However by looking out for these 4 common warning signs, you can keep your wits about you when comparing potential companies, to ensure you choose only the ones that will give you the customer service you deserve.

1. Bad/No Reviews

Companies that consistently receive bad feedback are unlikely to show reviews on their website, so if you can’t find any turn to a review site or customer service directory to find out what existing customers really think. Testimonials on their website can be a positive sign, but be wary that some will fabricate these or seize on a few good reviews whilst ignoring the rest. If you notice lots of bad reviews online, you might want to steer clear.

2. Call Customer Services

Nowadays, you can sign up to most services online. But if you want to be sure that they provide good customer service, call the sales team instead. The sales line will usually have more advisers available than for complaints and existing customers. So if they can’t give you a great customer service when trying to get you on board, it’s bound to be worse when you’re a customer.

3. Ask Around

The quality of a company’s customer service can vary greatly over time, even within the space of a few months. To get a feel for how happy customers are at this moment in time, ask around to see if any of your friends and family are currently using the provider. Reviews can quickly become out-dated, so if you’ve read good reviews but have a horror story from a friend, trust the latter.

4. Opaque Terms and Conditions

There’s no denying that terms and conditions make for dry reading, but if you think that an offer or package might sound too good to be true, have a read of the small print. What’s the exit fee of a contract, the return policy on a product, or the ‘extra’ charges if you go over on your plan? If you’re not sure, contact the customer service sales team and ask for more clarification. You may be pleasantly surprised, but it could be that you dodge a bullet when you dig deeper.

With service providers now regularly tying us into contracts of up to 24 months, it’s essential that you spend some time sussing out a company before you commit to becoming a paying customer. By looking out for the 4 warning signs above, you can make informed choices as a consumer and ensure that you only go with providers that will give you an honest, open and attentive treatment as a customer.

Remember, you can always turn these around if you run your own business – great tips either way!

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