5 Common Gas Station Repair and Service Projects

Contractors that handle the needs of gas station equipment and tanks are specialized in understanding how to safely manage fuel and the equipment that both contains and provides access to it for public consumption. The projects may vary, but each one is handled with the same dedication to standards and safety. Below are five of the more common projects tackled by experts in gas station service and repair.
Leaking and Defective Fuel Tanks

A leaking fuel containment tank can cost a lot of money in lost sales and be hazardous to the environment. You should have your system checked if you suspect there may be a leak in the tank. They are not always obvious from ground level by any other means than rapid fuel loss. An expert technician can diagnose the problem quickly so that needed repairs can be made.
Expanding Business and Adding Fuel Stations

Business expansions for gas stations often mean needing to add new fuel containment tanks and island pump stations. This is the type of work that requires strict adherence to design rules and regulations. The equipment has to be installed with public safety and environmental protection in mind. Make sure the experts you hire have the experience needed to get everything done right the first time.
Leaking Hoses and Pumping Equipment

Hoses, nozzles and gas pumps can all wear out and develop leaks over years of constant use. Placing a pump out of commission will lose your company money in lost sales. Have the damaged or faulty equipment replaced right away. This will ensure you keep the business operating steady and the fuel never has a chance to sit and go bad.
Upgrading Equipment

Years of use can make fuel pump equipment begin to slow down and frustrate customers. It is necessary to upgrade the equipment over time keep your operations smooth. Giving your gas station a more contemporary look and feel will help draw customers back.
Clean-Out and Inspection of Fuel Tanks

You should have the fuel tanks cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. This helps keep debris from building up in the bottom of your tanks. The better the quality of your fuel, the more loyal your customer base will be. All of your equipment should be checked to maintain the integrity and soundness of the fuel delivery system.

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