5 Low-Maintenance Additions to Your Garden

We all want an outside space we can be proud of, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. With most of us working long hours and trying to keep everything shipshape inside the home, it can be easy to let your garden’s maintenance slip.

Fortunately, you can rejuvenate your garden with a few low maintenance additions, allowing you to enjoy your exterior space, hassle-free.


Artificial lawn: The grass is sometimes greener.

Modern artificial lawn is often mistaken for the real thing, and with the likes of the Chelsea Flower Show and even village greens in quaint English towns adopting this easy care approach, it’s no surprise it’s popularity is increasing.

With realistic colouring and different lengths of grass available, you can find an artificial lawn to suit any type of outdoor space.

The key advantages of an artificial lawn are:

  • Aesthetics: A lush lawn, which looks great all year round, even if your garden is north-facing.
  • Time-saving: No need to schedule time to cut the lawn.
  • Cheap to maintain: An artificial lawn pays for itself after a few years, as you only need to sweep it to maintain the look.
  • No mess: No more mud being walked through the house by the kids.
  • Environmentally friendly: You don’t need to use pesticides to control mini-beasts.

Plant life

Plants and flowers can make any garden come alive, but you don’t need to sacrifice your weekends to spend time tending to buds and pruning leaves.

There are several low maintenance plants which can pack a punch in your garden. Opt for the exotic-looking cordyline, which is tough enough to survive most British winters and looks healthy and strong all year round.

Another good choice is snowdrops, which are tough little white flowers. Even when these are not in bloom, they make an attractive ground cover and can be planted and left alone, with no pruning required.

Protect your space

Foxes and badgers can wreak havoc and make even a low maintenance garden look messy. Don’t give these critters any reason to come into your garden by installing durable lockable bins, so nosey pets and wildlife are unable to break in.

Decking can help break up your lawn and provide a low maintenance area for barbeque weather. Decking is great for urban settings and is quick and easy to clean. Unlike long grass and hedges, it’s also less likely to appeal to insects and other critters who might want to make your garden more of a permanent residence.

Planters and borders

Large planters can work really well if you want to keep garden maintenance to a minimum. Unlike small pots of plants, which can quickly dry out. Large planters are able to stay moist for a much longer period of time.

Using oversized planters also allows you to change the look of your garden quickly and conveniently, so if you’re looking to have a summer party or fireworks night, you can move these large planters around without hassle.

Avoid curved borders and keep the edges to your garden straight and simple. Curved borders are tricky to mow around, and if you are looking to pave that area in the future, a curved border will make the job a lot harder.

Rectangular planters, placed along the border of your garden, can make an attractive feature – even in the smallest of spaces.

Get the edge

For a low maintenance edging alternative, it’s a good idea to get rid of hedges and bushes that surround the perimeter of the garden and replace them with fencing. A fence can smarten up your outside space and also make it appear bigger.

However, if you do want something more natural, introduce Holly or Yew bushes, as these are slower growing and will require less upkeep than faster growing bushes, such as the Common Laurel.

A low maintenance garden doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice to style. With the right choice of planters and a cleverly organised space, you can have a low maintenance garden you can be proud of too.

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Lee Tombs is the Founder of Artificial Grass Installers, with over 10 years of experience, Lee and his team have installed artificial grass in hundreds of homes across Essex, London and Hertfordshire.

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