7 Reasons to Make 2015 The Year You Learn Spanish

Learning a foreign language is a great thing to do. We’ve all promised ourselves that we’re going to do it, and yet for many of us it remains an unfulfilled dream. So why not make your New Year’s resolution this year to learn Spanish? We’ve got seven reasons why you should, and they’re all pretty convincing.


You’ll become more than a tourist

We’ve all been on holiday and mumbled our way through a phrase book (or spoken English in a dodgy accent!). Speaking Spanish means that you’ll be able to converse with the locals to your heart’s content – meaning that you could be discovering things beyond the well-known destinations. Speaking Spanish allows you to become an explorer, not just a tourist.

The world becomes more accessible

When you learn to speak Spanish, it’s not just Spain that you’ll be able to explore. Spanish is the official or de facto language in many other countries. These include Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. So there’s no shortage of places you can go to for a sunshine getaway and put your language skills to good use!

It’s simple to learn

When we’re at school, we are often taught European languages as they share many similarities to our own. Spanish is actually one of the easiest European languages to lean. This is down to the fact that words are written as pronounced, which means that reading and writing in Spanish isn’t as hard as you might think. With a little hard work and dedication, you’ll find that you’re able to chat and write away in no time at all.

Be a continental culture vulture

By speaking Spanish, you’ll be able to enjoy so much more in the way of culture. Spain is home to many wonderful writers such as Miguel de Cervantes and Gabriel García Márquez, and there’s no better way to read their work than in its original language. Film-makers include the acclaimed Alfonso Cuarón and Guilermo Del Toro, so you can discover some new favourite movies too.

Your career prospects will improve

Speaking a foreign language is a great thing to have on any CV, and Spanish is one of the more desirable ones. The British Council’s Languages of the Future report recently ranked Spanish as the most important language for the UK. With Britain’s closest continental neighbour being France and with few native Spanish speakers of its own, this shows how Spanish has grown in credibility over the years.

A change of job could be on the cards

There are many careers that require a second language. Translation seems like the most obvious, but there are many more besides that. The policing, finance and legal sectors all value fluency in another language. Even more unusual professions such as video games testers need more employees who can speak another language!

You’ll grow in confidence

Like anything else, learning a new language is the development of a skill. When you’ve put a lot of effort into something and your hard work pays off, it does wonders for your confidence. Add on the benefits of being able to make friends with people you never would have before and experiencing new things – and you’ll be feeling so much more fulfilled!

There’s plenty of reasons to do it

So what’s stopping you? There are lots of language schools out there where you can learn under an experienced teacher and in the company of others at your level. While it can seem a little daunting at first, once you get the hang of it you’ll be so glad that you did. So from us, it’s buena suerte!

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