8-Bit City Runner By Joshua Williams

Small breaks while you work are necessary for optimal performance, so you should take frequent breaks in order to become more productive.

Furthermore, research shows that the right hemisphere of the brain is often responsible for making good decisions. So, you should incorporate daydreaming in your everyday life.

Gaming improves your creativity and nourishes your energy levels fast. However, it is important to play a video game that excites you as working is usually boring and includes doing repetitive tasks.

You should play 8-Bit City Runner. By playing this video game, you get more excited during your office hours; you improve your creativity and creativity is one characteristic that is necessary for modern workplaces.


You will start daydreaming more often because this video game’s levels are very challenging and creative; daydreaming, as a result, will make you more relaxed, and it allows you to make rational decisions, not decisions based on your emotional state at a given moment.

Unlike other video games, this video game makes you more social as you can play this multiplayer with your friends and colleagues.

You will improve your relations with other people as you will have an interesting challenge and topic to talk about. Additionally, you and your friends will not be bothered by ads while playing.

So improve your creativity and start fantasizing more often with 8-Bit City Runner. It is up to you to decide if you want to improve your performance at work: itunes.apple.com/us/app/8-bit-city-runner/id992251030.

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