A Photo Competition with Cash Awards. Where?

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, and it as a good way to send a message, to market your business, to show your expertise, and to show the world your products. Therefore, you should use viral videos to market your business.

As the “ice bucket challenge” made millions of dollars, you can also use that tactic to market your business by creating an online trend with your product.

You can start a trend by making an online contest for the best video with your product. You should ask people from all over the world to make a video with your product that will become viral.

For the best video, you should award the creator with cash awards. If the video becomes viral, you will earn a lot more money that you have paid for that video. Videos are one of the best media content, so you should take advantage of videos.


A good place to start an online contest is voubs.com. On this website, you can start an online contest for pictures or videos on any topic.

Create contest with cash awards that will motivate people to take part and to make creative videos that will benefit your business.

Order a video that makes a good representation of your business and that people will enjoy. With voubs.com, you can order a video that makes people laugh, a video that makes them smile or feel hungry.

A video related to your business and that increases your business value.  So use this excellent website to order a great video that will market your business throughout the world.

Use the talent of people around the world to buy the best video that suits your business needs. So order now and market your business all over the world. Who knows, you might start selling your products worldwide with this excellent website for online contests.

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