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The number of people who have their own website is bigger than ever in the history, but most people lack appropriate IT knowledge, and they become victims of the false web hosting marketing, such as unlimited disk space, which of course it isn’t possible if a company has millions of users.

Therefore, whenever people buy a web hosting service, they should avoid the web hosting services that seem to market unbelievable services as that is simply impossible.

A good web hosting company provides with great services, and it is 100% honest with its users of their web hosting capabilities.

A good web hosting company is 24/7 available for its customers, and it is willing to solve each problem of its customers as soon as possible.

As an excellent customer service is essential for the success of a web hosting company, has the most honest web hosting marketing on the internet; there are no too good to be true web hosting services.


Its customer service is excellent. In the worst case scenario, its employees answer on tickets in an hour, but on average, its staff answers to each of their customers in 15 minutes.

This excellent web hosting company provides with 99% uptime, which in case doesn’t happen the customer doesn’t have to pay for that month.

Not only do its servers never go down, but also the best software against DDoS attacks protects your web site with this excellent web hosting company.

There is also a 50% off the price for the first time users of its web hosting services, and there is also a 30 day money back guarantee in case you’re unsatisfied and you get a free website migration to another web hosting service. So, you have no reason not to try

So buy web hosting services from one of the best web hosting providers online. Buy from an honest web hosting provider that gives you its true web hosting services and not false promises. Buy excellent web hosting services from one of the best web hosting companies in the world.

They have several packages available for each service to better meet our customers needs. For their Web Hosting clients they offer Softaculous, a industry-leading script installer that makes it easy to install, update, and back up your scripts within seconds. All hosting accounts include the industry-leading cPanel, simplifying website management.

For their VPS clients, each AcclaimedHost VPS comes with an easy-to-use VPS management panel that will allow you to re-install, reboot, and SSH directly into your VPS. Things that used to require tickets, like managing IP addresses and reverse DNS, can now be done easily. We include SolusVM for free with all VPS. All unmanaged VPS are activated instantly

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