A video is able to build both a potential and existing customer’s trust and credibility towards your company. Email marketing with video content increases its effectiveness even more.

Videos have various impacts on your business such as increasing your company’s search ability because search engines simply love videos, hence the likelihood of appearing on the first page results.

It boosts your content’s search ranking and at the same time has higher click-through rates which attracts more traffic. People also tend to share videos with their friends or colleagues through their favorite social media which means even more traffic and a higher possibility for more revenue.

Video distribution ensures your business gains more exposure by not being limited to just a single network. AceAdverts distributes it as much as they can and includes it as well in their manual submission to the Top 30 video networks.

Their manual process guarantees your video is submitted in the right category rather than if done automatically. Your traffic will dramatically increase. and of course boost your conversion rates.


Aside from great videos, a good web design is essential as well to any business. Your website must be welcoming and empower your visitors with knowledge and understanding of your product or service. An effective web design exhibits brand consistency, promotes SEO and builds customer trust.

It is not merely a beautiful appearance but the colors, layout and all features must complement the content of your site, which makes reading easier and enjoyable. A customer must be able to navigate it with ease so they could explore endlessly without any frustration.

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