Advantages of Handing Out Flyers Over Exclusively Using Web Advertising

With all the noise about digital marketing, many small businesses are neglecting potent traditional and print advertising channels that have proven themselves time and again.

This is not surprising, as most smart business owners just want to get on the latest marketing method so as not to lose out on the unique opportunities that web advertising supposedly offers.

Unfortunately, when business owners leave a well-known proven moneymaker for one they know little or nothing about, that is a surefire way to lose a lot of money on both ends.

So, why not take advantage of an effective, traditional marketing method like the distribution of flyers? The benefits are significant.

Flyers are Quite Cheap to Produce

No matter how much you try to cut your web advertising costs, you will end up spending a not-inconsiderable amount of money on your ads. And the tragic thing is that there might be little to show for all that money.

Printing flyers, on the other hand, is extremely cost-effective. Printing and distributing flyers every week with different designs highlighting elements of your business that the specific needs of your clients, you will find that it has quite the return on investment.

One Flyer Can be Used for Multiple Events

If you’re having a special offer, a contest, and giving away free prizes, you can include all of that in your flyer. There’s more than enough room for you to multipurpose your flyers.

A good example includes printing your latest information on one side and more general information or offers on the other. That’s two ads for the price of one.

Can Drive Significant Traffic at far Cheaper Costs

Most small businesses often underestimate this potent advertising method because they think it doesn’t work. On the contrary, they work and work well — particularly when the designs are edgy, the quality of paper is high, and the printing done by seasoned pros like Landmark Printing.

There’s the mindset that flyers make businesses look cheap. When combining the above elements into an effective flyer that integrates with your existing marketing strategies, you can communicate your services attractively and effectively.

Makes for an Excellent Complementary Advertising Method

No one says that your marketing should be done by just the use of flyers alone. No. it can be a part of a more robust marketing campaign. Think of it as another tool that covers another angle, spreads the word about your business and brand and generally reinforces your marketing. You can even print more targeted announcements, more specific to the area of distribution than web-based advertisements.

Effective for Local Events

Are you organizing a local event? There’s no better way to get the word out than by posting up banners and distributing flyers. This is powerful stuff. You can engage all you want on social media with people who are far away and near.

But, when you have a local event that’s attractive to the locals, you should start printing attractive flyers and disseminating them weeks before the event.

Instantaneous Effects

Let’s be honest, most people won’t look at a bland flyer with no character –you know you won’t. But, if you were to be handed a flyer with excellent designs and great copy, would you at least check it out?

For most people, the answer would be a resounding yes. If they don’t check it out immediately, they will check it out later.

The point is that it is often easier for people to check out your flyers when you’re handing them out and ask you for more information and clarification if the flyer is classy.

While most people aren’t overly fond of ads, they will at least want to see what you have on the flyer.

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