Adya Clarity Review – The Water Filtering System You Can Rely On

Water is the source of all life on Earth – including us. As you may well know, our bodies almost entirely made of water and, as such, it is of paramount importance that we stay hydrated at all times. However, due to countless reasons, the water we drink on a daily basis is not always pure and good for our health.

This is the very reason why researchers have come up with various devices and filters that purify water to a degree where it becomes ideal for the well-functioning of the body. A truly remarkable water filtering solution is Adya Clarity.

What Exactly Is It?

To answer your question, you should know that Adya Clarity is an all-natural health solution that provides you with clean, great-tasting and mineral rich water. In order to be more precise about how important it is to avoid drinking tap water, it is important to understand that this water filtering system is a solution of purified water and sulfate minerals, extracted from black mica, a powerful combination of earth′s naturally occurring minerals. Through a proprietary process, Black Mica is extracted for water purification.

How Does Adya Clarity Work?

The process through which this filtering system provides you with excellent quality drinking water is quite complex. The core idea is the fact that Adya Clarity contains magnetic sulfate minerals that have ionic and cationic exchange properties, which is nothing less than the physical ability to donate or receive electrons.

The resulting magnetic force pulls the contaminants (both insoluble and dissolved) away from the water molecules and clumps the contaminants together into visible particles. As the contaminants clump together and become insoluble, they precipitate out of the solution, and cannot dissolve back into the solution.

Naturally, the agglutinated contaminants weigh more than the water and, as a following; they sink to the bottom and can be easily removed, thus providing you with the purest drinking water.

Why Is Adya Clarity A Good Choice?

First of all, this water filtering system relies on natural substances and physical processes to purify water. Second, it provides you with clean, healthy mineralized water that will keep you hydrated and more energized than before. You can find out more about the Adya Clarity water filtering system at!

To sum it all up, the sulfate minerals in Adya Clarity activate water’s natural ability to cleanse itself from chemical and biological contaminants – without the use of any hazardous chemicals whatsoever.

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