All Gas! – No Brakes Allowed

Are you a fan of the Fast and the Furious franchise? If you are, there is a great new video game that gives you the same adrenaline boost that makes you feel as if you’re racing in the Fast and the Furious: All Gas!.

This racing video game gives you the same adrenaline as in the movie without heating up your cell phone and without spending all your phone’s battery.

So, you can race anywhere, have fun and still have enough battery to call, send messages, etc. With this amazing game, you can race and feel like Vin Diesel racing against cops.

You can have fun as you avoid the obstacles in your way, which in return gives you a nitro boost and strong shield to destroy all the obstacles without stopping. You can choose among three different cars; you can choose three different levels with different difficulty.

You can have lots of fun anywhere, and you will feel limitless as you drive faster and drive through all the obstacles in your way.

You can play this game everywhere, and no one will notice that you are playing as this game only requires tapping onto the screen.


People will think that you are taking notes or writing a message. So with this game, you can have fun everywhere even at work or school.

So install All Gas!:!-no-brakes-allowed/id901640745?mt=8 on your iPhone and iPad. Make every boring event fun again. Make your life meaningful as all it takes is one very addictive video game.

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