Aqua Shield

Modern convertible cars have a lot of gadgets inside, including GPS technology, TV, computers, etc., which can easily be damaged from rain.

Modern convertible cars and cars with pop-ups have leather seats, and leather gets damaged from water if it is subjected to water frequently.

Untitled-2Convertible cars and cars with pop-ups are more sensitive to water since in case of rain the technology inside can easily be destroyed.

Only a couple of drops of rain can destroy the technology in the car and the leather. You can protect your convertible by adding Water Proof Coating.

The water proof coating prevents water from getting in touch with your gadgets, and it protects your leather seats.


This water resistant coating makes the water glue to your car interior and it doesn’t let water to get inside your gadgets and to damage your leather seats. This water resistant coating is available as body coating for your car too.

It protects your expensive car from scratches caused by hail. It is anti-ice and snow, so it protects your car’s body from scratches when you clean your car from snow. It also protects your car’s color from UV rays, and it protects your car’s body from bacterias.
So, you should protect your car from damage with the water resistant coating. The water resistant coating is available at

For $135, you can protect your most valuable asset from damage and you can prolong its beauty and design. Your car will be cleaner and neater.

So buy the water resistant coating at Protect your car and make it look even better than it does now. Make people jealous of your amazing car and make it even more appealing.

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