Artist Alley Condos

The newest development property in Toronto is indeed one of a kind. The Artists Alley Condo condos boast of elegance at their core.

Their plan kept into account everything that would possibly be needed in a residential neighborhood.

In addition to detail, the plan has special emphasis on artistic expressions that allow artists to feel as if they are amongst themselves.

The closeness to galleries and art display works makes this Toronto condos a must rent.


Developmental Design

The entire project consists of three fully glass towers of immense heights. The design is such that there is a winding alley in between the three that serves to connect Simcoe Street with St. Patrick’s street.

The first tower is made up of 54 stores. The entire building is made up of residential spaces that could with a little adjustments be made into office spaces or even an artist’s lair.

The 2nd building is composed of 22 stores. The first ten story blocks from the ground are exclusively dedicated to office spaces. The rest of the 12 stores can be used for whatsoever the renter decides.

The third and by far the shortest of the buildings is only 17 stories up. The unique thing about this building is that the design is so that it appears as stacked rectangular boxes separated by open spaces dedicated to terraces

In conclusion, the simcoe street condos will by far be a sophistication of a kind. The kind of artistic detail that is blended by the hustle of downtown Toronto will go a long way in making this a must live in area.

This is an area that is not only residential but a great area to situate a classy corporate office.

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