Ayball By Ferdi Guliyev

I always look out for games that refresh my brain. I sit at the office all day long and only a very few games seem impressive to me. It is very frustrating at times to be loaded with work.

I love to relax with a game on my iPhone. I found Ayball in iTunes. Super! I am addicted to the gameplay.


I love blocking the ball and moving up levels in no time. It is so relaxing. I get to forget the world for some time.

The best part to me is that l coulr play it on my iPhone as well as iPad. I can also install it on my iPod touch if I want to.

I don’t have it on my iPou touch, but my girlfriend does. Works great in all. Great work!


I take part in random tournaments and online competitions and have won in a few! It makes me feel great. It is a free app and I enjoy the game a lot.

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