I’m very sure that many of you have, at some point of life, felt bored to death. Be it sitting at home on holidays with nothing to do, or having no idea where to go on a day that calls to be enjoyed on.

Half the people get bored just because they’re too lazy to get up to actually go somewhere and the other half, although willing to get out of the house, have no idea where to go.

That is a major party spoiler these days. Many people are in a partying mood, which unfortunately gets ruined due to the lack of ideas on where to go.

There can be any number of reasons as to why you don’t know where to go. It can be that the place you usually go to is closed, or you’re simple bored of going to the same place again and again for such a long time. And the obvious reason: You’re new to the place.

So what to do to get in the know how of the latest and trending nightclubs and bars to get into a bit of partying. The answer to that question is technology.

Nowadays, a large number of mobile apps are available to keep you informed of the latest and newest places to party in your locality.

One such app is BANANANIGHTS. This extremely useful app allows you to find nightclubs and bars in area near you, if you are in the mood to party and have some fun.


It also shows you a map of the area and the position of the place you want to go and provides directions to reach there.

There are various filters you can apply according to your choice, such as : Entrance Fee, Drink Price, Dress Code, Type of music playing etc. All this only so that you can go to the bar or nightclub of your choice and have an absolute blast!

So if you have an occasion coming or just feel the need to let loose, BANANANIGHTS is the app for you!!

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