Bartending Training and Experiences

True to the website’s slogan, offers a variety of great information on bartending courses, schools and tips on how to become a better bartender.

As soon as I was directed to the page, I knew I was going to have a very stress free and hassle free time looking for what I needed.

And boy was I right about that! Right off the bat, the website is formatted with three easy to follow categories: latest blogs, resources and best schools by city.


The thing that I loved most about this website was how easy it was to find exactly what i needed without taking a long time to find. I was hoping to look for tips on how to up my bartending skills and found all the information i could ever need within five minutes of being logged onto the site.

Zoltan Hunt created the website back in 2015, also the creator of Dine.TO, a popular Toronto restaurant guide, in the early 2000s. Under the hood, it uses the CakePHP 3 application framework.

While further exploration of the site the site, I noticed how up to date and current they kept all of their information, which is a huge plus in my book. In continuing in my quest to find advice on the perks of the bartender training field, I found some amazing articles that helped more than i thought possible.

With personal stories of bartending training and experiences, it made the site seem more relatable and less robotic, which I really appreciated. If you are in search of a top-notch bartending school, this site has it all for you.

After clicking on a city that you feel that you are interested in, the website will redirect you to a different page with a detailed description of the schools in the surrounding area and some pieces of background information on not only the bartending school, but it will offer information on the city as well.

Easily accessible and a breeze to follow, this site will get a five star rating from me every time.

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