How Basement Underpinning Improved My Family’s Life!

My husband is a huge fan of model vehicles. Even before we got married, his fascination for model automobiles was beyond comprehension. In fact, we got into a long, exhausting argument when I once called his autos “toys”. Over time, Bob began to collect bigger models. We agreed that he will keep his bigger cars in our garage but as time went on, it became so crowded that he had to bring it to our living room as well.

To make a long story short, his cars are all over the place and I didn’t know how to keep the place tidy with his and our baby daughter’s toys scattered around the place. We needed a bigger house or more space! But we didn’t want to move or pay out a lot of money.

Thanks goodness for basement underpinning!

Basement UnderpinningWe moved into our house roughly three years ago. The two-storey home was the perfect choice for starting a family – well, until Bob’s cars filled up the place. Fortunately, my brother and his family went to visit us one weekend. When the issue was raised, he suggested we try basement underpinning, by creating a basement in our current home. He shared their similar dilemma since my sister-in-law designs clothes. She says that thanks to their basement, she can now work in peace and away from all distractions

The following week, Bob and I asked the same company to give us a quote for our underpinning project. Since our house is relatively new and the projected area was not that big, it fell within our budget. The firm also took care of all the permits so after two weeks of planning, the work began. The primary concern was the relocation of the water lines, drain systems and the sewer. The first major work done was to remove the concrete slab. Afterwards, the floor was excavated to the desired height.

The basement underpinning company also installed new beams and beam columns to complement the existing foundation. Afterwards, a new concrete slab was put into place. Since the method involves underpinning, the space was maximized and a new floor was added into our home in no time.

Family life is great with our new space in our basement

So, you may ask, what did we do with the basement? Well, it is now Bob’s model car showroom. We brought his entire collection to the basement. We installed display cabinets to showcase his growing collection. We even had the basement firm build a minibar for Bob and his friends to hang out while they rave about his collection. And just this year, for our anniversary, I gave him a billiard table in the basement. Yes, it’s that spacious! In fact, Bob spends an entire day cleaning the space – what a treat for me!

As for me, I was very relieved when his collection was brought down to the basement. First, our house looks tidier especially since our daughter is also learning the value of putting her things back to where they should be!

The basement underpinning guys did a wonderful job at underpinning our basement. I never thought that basement underpinning was possible at such a very reasonable rate. Also once I knew all the process and that the company were skilled at what they do that really meant a lot. Also they handled all the regulatory things and they were fully licenced. So if you’re facing the same issue or just feel the need to expand your space, getting a new basement is one of the best options for any family!

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