Beating the Challenges of Small Spaces

Small spaces can impose quite the challenge whether it is your business or your home. Very few of us have the option of moving into a larger structure. One can’t simply pack up because the family home feels crowded or move an entire company because the warehouse and offices are feeling cramped. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can make your tight spaces feel a bit more comfortable.

Clear the Clutter

Nothing fills up space quicker than clutter. This is especially true if space is limited to begin with. Whether at home or work, do a thorough cleaning to remove anything you don’t need. Keep in mind that you only want to keep what is necessary on a day to day basis. Throw out the junk, and store seldom used items in a nearby storage unit.

Think Vertically

If you take a close look at your space, chances are that you will find plenty of room at eye level or above while the floor is completely crowded. Most people tend to spread out rather than moving up. At home, you can take advantage of bookshelves and armoires. In the workplace, you can use things like a vertical conveyor lift to take advantage of upper levels.


When was the last time you considered the size of your furniture? Was your home’s sofa originally bought for another location with a larger family room? Are you still using that desk you bought when you first moved in and the building looked huge inside? By downsizing the furniture, you can immediately free up space. Oversized pieces can overwhelm an area and make it feel even smaller than it actually is.

These tips and tricks can help you cope with your small space until the day comes when you can move into a larger home or office. Always keep an open mind. If you look hard enough, you are sure to come up with a solution to your cramped quarters.

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