Beatky Boxing Puzzle Game: Play Global Opponents

Do love the boxing games? In case you want to enjoy the best thrilling boxing game, then Beatky this is the ultimate App to install n your PC. It has the best themes that will definitely guarantee you great fun.

You can always play it with friends and therefore a very perfect game you don’t want to miss. It is very easy to install in Your PC or phones as you just need to click on “Install” and you will have the game with you.


The App has five different themes that you can always select from and enjoy a fantastic boxing game. Besides this, it can be played by various means like the Facebook leaderboard, Google play Leaderboard, real-time multiplayer and the Google play.

This high energy, fast-paced game for Android is available as a free download, and it is a lot of fun to play.

I think teenage girls will particularly love this game, because it has a wide range of customisable features, the HD graphics are hot with pinks and lurid, and you get the chance to play, in real time, with competitors around the globe.

You have an avatar, a Beatky, the looks a bit like an anime character, and you have a pair of boxing gloves.

Your objectives is to try and decipher a colour pattern, and knock out the wall of different coloured Beatky heads in front of you, following the colour patterns, as fast as you can.

When you knock out the first lot, the wall fills up and they swap around faster, and you have to hit faster to keep eliminating them.


There are some really good customisable features on this game. Firstly, there are lighting and sound options, which you can purchase when you have won enough game coins which you then have the option to convert into candy.

Candy lets you but new soundtracks and lighting options. All of the music on the game is dance and trance music, with a very modern feel. You get a choice of “Waterfalls”, “Swirly Balls” or “Spinning Lights”.

You can also customise your Beatky, changing its colour, the colour of its boxing gloves, and it hair accessories. You have to buy the extra hair accessories with candy.

What will really appeal is the “Fight Club” option, where you can play against opponents from around the world in a tournament.

You can invite friends to play on Facebook, and you can track your status on the leader board both in Facebook and on Google Play. A fun game and one for the girls. It requires Android 2.3.3 and above.

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