Biblical Algebra – Mystery-Laced Bible Study is a unique way to learn The Bible through popular parables. The website takes you on a journey of exploration of the bible in an unimaginable way.

Throughout the site you will be exposed to algebraic equations to aid in your higher understanding of the lessons you will be learning.

This site takes The Bible and breaks it down in an algebraic style. Algebra is a mathematical subject that takes specific rules and steps to come to a final conclusion.

If you do not follow the rules and steps correctly, you come out with the incorrect answer. takes this concept and applies it to The Bible.


Biblical Algebra is a test in The Smarter Copycat, a bible study riddle book. The site is filled with parables and test that can be taken by the user to provide a better understanding of the messages The Bible teaches on how The Lord requires us all to live.

The site’s founder is aware that we are battling between living a life that follows The Lord’s path for us and a life the modern world provides for us.

There is a balance we all are attempting to maintain. This site helps the user learn the steps The Lord wants us all to take to be successful in finding that balance and living the life he had in mind for each of us.

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