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In order to prevent genital infections, it is very important to keep regular genital hygiene. A common cause of genital infections is dirty underwear. The reason for dirty underwear is the use of toilet paper.

The proper way to keep your genitals clean is with a bidet. A bidet keeps the anal veins clean and prevents itching, unpleasant smell, and anal irritation.

The problem is most public restrooms don’t have bidets and most people can’t go home to use a bidet. Therefore, firms and businesses should implement the BA-4500 attachment.

The BA-4500 attachment is an attachment to a toilet that works as a bidet. The BA-4500 attachment doesn’t take room as it is attached to the toilet. With the BA-4500 attachment, you don’t have to make holes in your bathroom wall to built-in a bidet.

The BA-4500 attachment is a perfect solution to the modern man’s problem: hemorrhoids. Employers should implement the BA-4500 attachment, so their employees can focus more on their daily obligations and not on the unbearable anal pain.

If you’re a businessman, you should implement the BA-4500 attachment as it will keep your employees healthy and happier.

If you own a restaurant, you might increase the number of customers daily as most people would prefer the BA-4500 attachment than toilet paper since more than 70% of the population over 30 years old suffer from hemorrhoids.

So order the BA-4500 attachment from Keep your employees and customers happy and see your profit growing as one simple change can make a huge difference.

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