Blood and Skin Patch Testing Is Available

If you are having digestive issues such as diarrhea or allergic reactions such as itchy skin after eating, then you might have intolerance to certain foods. An intolerance of a particular food may cause milder symptoms than an allergic reaction does. It isn’t easy to determine what foods are causing a reaction by keeping a food diary, but you can request a test from an allergy clinic. Food intolerance test Hillsborough NJ experts can meet with you at an allergy clinic to collect blood samples. In addition to collecting blood for sampling, you can have skin patch testing to understand what foods are causing problems.

How Is Skin Patch Testing Performed?

For skin patch testing, a physician will make a grid with ink on your back or forearm to keep track of each injected substance. A different liquid food extract is injected into each area of the grid with the prick of a needle. If the skin in a particular area of the grid becomes inflamed, then this indicates that you have intolerance to the liquid food extract. Alternatively, with a blood test, the laboratory results will indicate an increase in certain types of antibodies. In some cases, you may learn that you are sensitive to foods that have never caused a reaction before.

Avoiding Certain Foods Can Improve Your Health

When you understand more about the foods that you are sensitive to, it can change your life because you may not have had symptoms for several days from a particular food. In some cases, you may have assumed that your migraine headaches were caused by something else besides food intolerance. After learning more about your food sensitivities, you may want to understand more about its causes. You might have sensitivities to foods because you can’t metabolize certain nutrients such as lactose or carbohydrates.

How To Cope With Food Intolerance

After you stop eating the foods that you are sensitive to, you can reduce symptoms such as inflammatory bowel disease or hives. Managing your food sensitivities is easy by reading the labels on food products carefully and using extra caution while ordering meals at restaurants. If you have multiple food sensitivities, then you can have a dietitian create healthy menus for you. In addition, you may need to take dietary supplements when you are unable to eat several types of foods.

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