Technology has come to offer more than just entertainment. You can get as much as you need from technology.

It never stops to surprise and offer you great deals. For those who need to sharpen their brains and the art of remembering, you will get so many apps that offer you different kinds of games.

The flashcards app provides you with a platform where you can quickly learn and also memorize anything and also have fun.

You get your mind teased, and your memory gets sharpened with this app. The app helps you browse your stack of flashcards, create, modify and delete cards. It’s an easy app to learn, and you will enjoy it.


It’s an easy app to learn, and you will enjoy it. By the use of a proprietary algorithm, the app quickly detects your learning pace that is unique and then adapt to it.

The app has each flashcard being 3D modeled and has two color-coded sides so that you will quickly learn.

The great advantage of this app and the reason you will love it is that it’s free to use, can as well work offline, supports most tablets & smartphones, and there’s no login needed.

Tap the cards to flip them, swipe to navigate your stack, long press to modify your cards and pull a new card from the top as you use the app.

You only need to swipe down so as to delete the cards. That is how easy it is with the app that has so much fun in it.

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