What You Should Bring with You on a Cottage Holiday

Cottage holidays are a great way to relax with your family and explore the great countryside around the UK. Cottages are a great value alternative to holidays abroad, with no flights needed yet you can still get that true holiday experience and escape from the nuances of everyday life.

Having said that, holiday cottages are a fantastic home away from home, and to create the perfect memories, there are certain things you should bring with you on your break!

Bring a rough idea of what you want to see and do

If you’ve booked a short weekend break or even a week long vacation, it is a good idea to have an idea at least of things you want to see and do whilst on your break.

Although this may detract from the whole romance of simply closing the front door of your cottage and going out exploring for the day, having a plan in mind will make sure you get to see some of the best bits around the area you stay.

For example, if you visit a cottage in the Lake District, you can certainly spend days roaming the fells and countryside around the village you’re staying in. What you may not realise without a little research though is that a few days into your break the weather may turn, and that could be a good opportunity to visit one of the museums in Keswick or attend a farmers market near Grasmere.

Bring your walking boots and your rain mac

If you’re travelling with family, insist that the kids bring their walking boots and waterproof coats – however unfashionable they feel they may look in muddy brown boots and a bright yellow cagoule.

Some of the best activities on a cottage break involve getting out in the open country air and exploring lakes, woods, hill tops and take in the staggering views. All that could be ruined if they decide to neglect their image harming boots and twist their ankle in an old pair of trainers or pumps.

Bring activities for a rainy evening

If you’re on a longer Lake District cottage holiday getaway, bring some activities for evenings where the weather may be unfavourable or you just want to relax and kick back in front of a roaring open fire.

Board games are great for the family and for some reason feel a more appealing past-time when you’re camped out in a warm, lovingly furnished traditional cottage front room.

For the more creative mind, bring your tools with you! Writers, artists, photographers can all both relax and also get inspired by a peaceful, maybe even remote cottage to clear their heads and get those long suppressed creative juices flowing.


Bring your good camera

Don’t just settle for your smartphone when you go on holiday – find that good camera at the back of the clutter drawer and bring it with you!

The walks, the scenery, the lakes, the sunsets, the embarrassing drunken photos after a night out – all are worth taking, saving and remembering on a proper camera. You may even find you have a hidden passion for landscape photography once you get there!

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