Burnetie Store

l’m not a big fan of shopping online but I guess sooner or later, I have to learn to embrace technology.

Plus, I was told that online shopping is more convenient and most of the time, they offer more shoes online than in the store.

Burnetie Store shoes online is an online shoe store that offers great deals for both men and women. I came across this website the other night.

I had a party to attend, I still had no shoes, and I had no time to go to the mall. The first thing you see in the website is that most of the shoes are offered at around 60% discount, although these were mostly sneakers.


Fortunately, for the thrifty shopper like me, the site offered a clearance section. I know what you’re thinking – the clearance section usually offers rejects.

But lo and behold! The shoes were just as pretty as the new arrivals. There was a wide and trendy selection, and if you’re worried about getting the wrong size, the website also comes with a size chart.

The store also has a return policy of up to 90 days, so if you’re unhappy with your purchase or the size is off, rest assured you will get your money back. Check them out as they do offer a lot of promos and discounts.

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