Businesses and Budgeting – Promoting with Limited Funding

Money makes the world go around. That’s not something you can deny easily. However, this also means that it can be quite important when it comes to marketing. Obviously, you want to be able to market your goods to the public. However, when you don’t have a lot of money to play around with, this can be quite difficult. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can market effectively while on a budget. We’re going to be looking at a few of them here.


One way to market cheaply is to make a newsletter. This can be done by most word processors and can be sent to customers. If they’ve signed up for your email campaigns, you can send this to them. If they really like it, they might choose to share it with friends. This is the online version of “word of mouth”. It means that you’re getting word around to new people. This will boost your potential customers and website traffic. And because it’s all electronic, the costs are limited. The only real cost would be the Internet required to send the emails.

Use Web Directories

Another method for cheap advertising is to use a web directory according to the Prague Post. A web directory is a giant list of websites for people to look through. All you would need to do is submit your details and a link to the site. This means that when people search the directories, they’ll find you. Your site will appear when they’re searching for a particular service or interest. It’s a really good way to make sure that you get noticed. Plus, a lot of directories don’t charge to be on the site, or they barely charge at all.


SEO Marketing

SEO is a good way to promote without much money. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This means that there are certain keywords and phrases which rank highly in search engines. The more of them you use, the higher you’ll rank. Google is one website which particularly likes keywords. They rank sites with SEO further up than those without. It’s a good way for you to promote yourself without leaving your website. It’s a good idea, but it shouldn’t be your only one. The best promoting works in conjunction with a few other methods. However, SEO is a good starting point.

Social Media

Almost free advertising that reaches millions? It sounds almost too good to be true. However, it’s actually closer to reality than you would think. Social media is a great way for people to market cheaply. You can sign up for all of the sites at no cost. Moreover, the advertising doesn’t cost you anything if you’re clever with it. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all good choices. A lot of big businesses use these sites to advertise, and so can you. If you’re clever with what you do and how you do it, you’ll succeed. And with the amount of people that are on each platform, it’s worth the risk.

Innovation, innovation, innovation

Up until now, we’ve covered the basics that any company could use. These tips are generic, but they work. However, sometimes some innovative thinking is needed. Think about your target audience. What are their goals? What do they want in a product? How much will they pay? What kind of marketing would you respond to in their shoes? These are all questions which you need to ask yourself. You never know what offbeat idea would liftoff and go big. At the end of the day, there’s a lot of businesses with small budgets. They may use a lot of these tips. What can you do that is different? How can you stand out? If you can figure that out, you’re set. If there’s something unique to you, then exploit it. It might well become the next big marketing idea. But you won’t know until you try.


Overall, these are a few tips for companies and business on a budget. We know that money isn’t always abundant. You’re not going to be in a position to throw thousands at marketing campaigns. And that’s fine. By taking advantage of free resources, you can still market well. You just have to be clever about how you do things. Try and think outside the box with marketing. The solution isn’t always right in front of you. Sometimes, you have to think about every possible angle, and how you can be creative. At the end of the day, that’s the kind of marketing which will get noticed. People respond well to marketing which is different. Something new and exciting will catch attention. Granted, it isn’t always easy to find. Every company is searching for that elusive new thing. However, if you can find it, and it doesn’t cost, you’re set.

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