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Phones have become so crucial in our working environment that one can hardly imagine going through the day without them.

This obviously makes the privacy issues worse, because if you let your phone just sit on the table with nothing but the factory settings to guard it from intruders, it’s easy pickings for those who want to stick their noses where they don’t belong.

However, Busted quickly lays the issue to rest. With the help of this useful app, you can select any app installed on your phone to be protected by a password screen, so no-one will be able to come near it if you don’t want that to happen. You can also protect your contacts, SMS messages, and other content on your phone.

It’s good to finally be able to allocate more time to things that matter and not worry about accidentally forgetting your phone somewhere and leaving it on a visible spot.

Even if you do, you can rest assured that the app will not only guard your phone from unauthorized access, but also take a picture of the tamperer and send it straight to your email inbox!

Even my stored SMS messages and contacts are locked behind a sound and secure password. Knowing all of this, I no longer have to hide my phone from others and live in constant fear of someone finding it.

Busted even enables me to lock up some violent video games which I don’t want my kids to be playing without my supervision.

Busted has enabled me to finally be confident about leaving sensitive data sitting in my phone, and it only costs about one morning coffee’s worth of money. Recommended!

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