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I broke my leg two weeks ago. As I live alone, I couldn’t go out to buy myself anything. Luckily, I can purchase anything on the Internet, and all the products are delivered to my house.

Since I had to buy products online for two weeks, I got a good idea on which websites provides with the best products and with the best delivery.

One big surprise was that the most famous websites for purchasing online were the worst in delivering products on time, and some of the products, they delivered were broken.

I was looking for a good website that delivers all their products on time and in good condition. As I was searching online for a great website, I stumbled upon

At first, I repelled this website’s web design as it looks as if it is from the 90s. But I decided to implement the same rule for this website as for books: I shouldn’t judge a book according to its covers.

So from now on I don’t judge a website according to her web design. After all, the most famous websites for purchasing online have great web design, but their service is very bad.

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What attracted me to this website is the categories of products; I found everything that I needed. Once I ordered from this website, I was astonished of the quick delivery, and how the products were untouched during the transportation process.

Although the web design is very old, I managed to find everything; I need in a couple of minutes. I bought wireless accessories as my movement was limited. All the products arrived on time, and the customer service was excellent.

I paid using PayPal, which showed me that this is a safe website to buy from. Since then I regularly buy from and I haven’t been disappointed until now.

I highly recommend to anyone, and I hope that a lot of people will learn not to make decisions according to website’s looks as I learned that the hard way.

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