Candy Bang Mania

This link lands its visitors to an interesting casual hit game that combines puzzle and action in an irresistible magical candy-coated package.

The simplicity and challenge the game offers to its players makes it one of the most interesting games in the current gaming world. Developed by Candy Bang Mania and offered by OMI Webdesign, this is indeed a fun game for all.

Players guide their candies through amazing candy-coated worlds full of obstacles. These obstacles add to the fun of the game.

With each world comes new obstacles, challenges, elements and requirements to get safer path for the candy.

With 5 different planets with unique features, you are sure to have fun in this game. If you are lucky to play over 100 levels and finish with 3 stars, you are able to unlock other extra bonus levels.


Candy Bang Mania was updated on August 23, 2015, meaning that it keeps the players up-to-the minute to ensure that they do not miss any bit of their fun.

It requires Android 2.3.3 onwards, making sure that no one on the current Android platform is left behind.

Try to guide your candy through many beautiful candy-coated worlds full with dangerous “or helpful” obstacles. Every world comes with different kind of challenges and elements, making it harder and harder to guide your candy on a safe path.

Every world introduces new challenges and new obstacles, keeping Candy Bang Mania fun and entertaining. Play over 100 levels and finish with three stars to unlock extra bonus levels.

• 100+ magical candy-coated levels to play
• 5 different planets, all with unique elements
• Finish all levels with 3 stars to unlock extra bonus levels
• Upgrade for more lives and levels

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