Card Sleeves and Protectors

Playing cards need protection due to its risk of damaged when handled frequently.

The grease and acid from hands can cause it to look very bad and constant use can cause some tearing especially on the edges.

Card sleeves from KMC can prevent all of this. The sleeves are designed in a way that playing cards fit perfectly in the sleeves.

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The material used to make the sleeves is strong thus giving your playing cards good protection especially from scratches.

Apart from protection, the material is smooth, enabling you to shuffle with ease.

The matt finish on the sleeves also prevents them from being easily marked and from reflecting light.

They are available in various colors so you have a wide variety to choose from.

There are different sizes to choose from including mini size, standard size and perfect fit sleeves.

Yugioh Card Sleeves

Yugioh is a game for smart people. Smart people are respected and everything they possess must be in very good condition.

Playing cards can wear out quite fast if used frequently due to the wear and tear.

However, a smart person will know how to keep them in good condition for a long time.

KMC is a company with a good reputation of providing card sleeves of high quality and that are durable.

When using playing cards, they can get easily damaged due to the acid on your hands and their natural grease.

Hence, the cards will need replacement at a future time. The card sleeves from KMC have been designed to protect your cards from such harmful stuff. They are used by many professionals of playing card games.

The sleeves are available in a variety of colors including metallic blue, purple, red, white, clear, black and yellow among many other colors.

Different sizes are also available including standard size, mini size and perfectly fit sleeves.

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