Causes of Hair Loss and How Hair Transplant Can Help You

Experiencing hair loss is awful for men and women alike. While female pattern hair loss is quite rare, male pattern alopecia is common. There are many possible causes for this affliction and some of them include an unbalanced diet, a stressful daily routine and even some illnesses. Nevertheless, the main cause of hair loss in men is DHT.

Nowadays, there are various treatments for hair loss, but as it usually goes with over the counter drugs, only some are effective and only on particular individuals. The vast majority that remains is simply represented by completely ineffective drugs and topical solutions that are also quite expensive.

Even though this common issue affects men from across the globe, the most effective treatment option is available in Germany. This country has a legendary reputation when it comes to quality – in every aspect that you can imagine.

In order to stop your hair loss and regrow your hair you are advised to search for “Haarausfall” once you have booked your trip to Germany. Also add “Haartransplantation” to your query, which is the German word for hair transplantation.

The procedure you are about to undergo is simple, not painful and very effective, as you will receive a hair transplant with your very own hair. This way, your body will not reject the transplantation and you can enjoy thick, full hair once again.

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