Choose Granite Countertops For Kitchen or Bathroom Updates

Kitchen and bathroom remodels have become the most popular and equitable updates that homeowners typically choose. Installing granite countertops makes a positive change to give a recently remodeled room modern appeal, so it is essential to choose a granite slab that will make the updated room really stand out. Natural granite is available in a nearly unlimited range of beautiful colors, and each individual slab of stone is unique.

While natural granite is probably the first choice of most home owners, a composite granite product could also achieve the modern look they desire. Beautiful engineered granite can be created by incorporating small pieces of quartz, granite and stone into a polymer resin. This is relatively recent concept in kitchen and bathroom countertops, and the result is a product that does not require sealing, is scratch or stain resistant and will last a lifetime due to its high level of durability.

There are multiple choices when considering stone countertops, but most homeowners who desire the most modern look for their updates are highly likely to choose natural granite for their kitchen or bathroom countertops. Natural stone will require some maintenance that includes regular sealing to help prevent staining, and proper caution is needed to prevent cracking or chipping.

Anyone living in California can view beautiful granite countertops by visiting a Stonemart showroom or visiting other kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors in the area. Using an online search engine is also a great way to find valuable information about granite or stone countertops, and testimonials posted by satisfied customers are also very informative.

Some homeowners decide to attempt an remodeling project in their home using their own skills and labor. However, when replacing existing countertops with granite or natural stone, they should choose to hire a professional for completing the job. Stone countertops are very difficult to handle without risking a break or crack, and the homeowner could experience a serious injury.

While installing a new countertop should be the final step in updating cabinets, if a backsplash is to be added this should be done only after the new countertop is in place. Hiring a professional contractor to handle the installation of any stone countertops will ensure the newly updated kitchen or bathroom has the desired modern look.

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