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It is no secret that employers Google search their applicants before calling them for a job interview. Employers do a psychological evaluation of their candidates, according to their posts, pictures, and videos.

Therefore, it is very important that you show your positive traits, such as being a person with good social skills, a person who can work in a team, and a person who has leadership skills on social media websites.

It is hard to show off your real traits via the most famous social app and websites, for only 38% of human communication is verbal. Social media doesn’t allow you to show your nonverbal expressions; expressions that really show your traits.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to start using Clickclap: it is an app lets you make your own emoticons via recording your reactions. With this revolutionary chatting app, you can leave a better impression by expressing your emotions via your own emoticons.


Your original emoticons show that you are an outgoing, friendly, creative, and a positive person.

The traits most employers look for in an employee. You can share your emotions with everyone as you can search for anyone with this app, and anyone can see your expressions and reactions.

You can also use this app for Crowdsourcing as it has its own payment system: Mon Coin. You can show your skills, expertise, inventions and you can attract potential angel investors, or other people who are supporting your idea or dream.

You can let people ask questions about your idea, which in return shows you whether you have an idea for which there is demand or interest in the general public. Clickclap lets you know if a business idea is worth investing your time and money.

You can download this phenomenal app from the Google Play store. You can improve your chances of getting a job or crowdsourcing for your business idea with this excellent app. So download it now and make sure you get better odds of getting a well-paid job or an investment for your business plan.

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