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There are few drinks in this world that surpass the widespread popularity of mankind’s favorite: Coffee. Most of us drink it daily, while others indulge in it every now and then – either to tame a bad hangover or simply for pleasure. But how many of us can really claim to know anything about it beside its energy-boosting effect?

Luckily for those who are interested, there is an Australian coffee blog out there; with an author who writes passionately about this topic. The Coffee Blog covers everything from coffee beans to coffee machines – it does so wonderfully and in a very friendly manner!

This Aussie coffee blog tackles topics ranging from the advantages of using coffee beans over coffee pods or capsules to the evolution of coffee machines since the early 1900s to present day. It also provides fine imagery that delights your eyes!

If that is not enough to make you bookmark it, then the free recipes surely will do the trick! Make sure you have a cup of coffee close by when you explore the Recipes & Guides section, because you will be drooling over the hot chocolate or affogato al caffe recipe in no time!

Should you happen to have a curiosity or a question about anything related to coffee, feel free to drop a line or two in the Coffee Blog’s contact form. Also, if you are a coffee enthusiast and want to contribute with something, this blog is the place to share your knowledge with the world.

Either way, don’t forget to bookmark and check back regularly, as this beautifully designed coffee blog gets updated with exciting news and yummy recipes!

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