Collection of Many Free Online Calculators

Since it came into existence, the calculator has been a helpful tool for all of life’s necessary calculations. From simple addition calculations to complicated algebraic calculations, the calculator has come a long way from the first mechanical calculator to the electronic.

Once you have learned how to calculate numbers on your own, you are introduced to the wonderful world of math with a calculator. Higher math requires a bit of assistance. No greater joy is felt when you are finally allowed to use one for the first time.

When you reach the point of needing a scientific calculator, you will find there is much to learn about how to use it properly. is a wonderful site that can assist you in learning how to use one and many other calculators we all need in life.


On the site, you will find a free calculator you can use to do generic and a few complex calculations, but this is not what makes this website so great. The best part about this site is the videos.

If you look to the left of the website, you will find links for scientific, mortgage, loan, BMI, GPA, derivative calculator and a link for buying calculators.

The links go to separate pages where you can read a description of each calculator, use them free and watch a video teaching you how to use each one. is a great site to find useful free online calculators and useful information about how to use them. The video on how to use a scientific calculator is more than worth the price of admission.


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