Color Fills App

Google apps keep offering us a lot to do with our smartphones. Each day, we have a new app to download and install in our smartphones.

The most uploaded apps are those to do with online games that give smartphone owners a lot of entertainment.

The apps give us access to thousands of games online that one can freely download so as to play.

The use of smartphones keeps evolving from just communication gadgets to entertainment gadgets that we should have.

With your smartphone, you no longer need to get to a cyber café to access the internet at a fast speed.

Most of the smartphones come with an Android operating system that gives one quick access to the internet.

The color filling game that is also called the addictive game offers one the challenge to class colors together.


The field filled with different colors has to get cleaned, and the player’s work involves putting together all those colors that are the same on the right edge.

You will keep playing as long as you can make new high score.

If you get stuck as you play the game, you can use the powerups to help you move forward.


It is a cool puzzle that is free to download and no registration needed; start playing once you download it, and it gets installed in your smartphone.

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