Cosmetic Safety Testing, Assessment & Certification

It is a legal requirement for companies to ensure that the cosmetic products they sell meet certain standards as outlined by the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

Every product must undergo assessment by qualified cosmetic safety assessor to ensure it is safe and for humans to use.

ELEMENTS, a company based in Dublin, Ireland, assists companies with this important legal requirement by providing cosmetic safety testing, assessment and certification for cosmetic products.

With more than two decades of experience in related industries including pharmaceuticals, risk assessment, safety testing and cosmetics, this company is able to perform detailed cosmetic safety assessments on all cosmetic product types, including those for babies and children, skin care, personal care and intimate care.

Their Toxicologists are qualified and certified in Europe and the UK and they are able to ensure that each product meets the requirements of the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

In 2014 ELEMENTS provided cosmetic safety certification for over 800 cosmetic products.


The ELEMENTS safety assessment process begins with an assessment of the raw materials used to make the product, followed by an assessment of ingredient safety. Testing is then conducted to ensure the product passes microbiology, stability and safety when applied to the skin.

They can also determine the shelf life of the product and perform tests to ensure that the product actually does what it is advertised to do.

ELEMENTS work with companies worldwide to assess the safety of their cosmetics, sometimes providing consultation during the design stage and sometimes testing finished products.

This cosmetic safety assessment service is very important, as it ensures that the products being released and sold are not dangerous to the consumer.

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