Dating your Facebook Friend Made Easy

Many people often find it hard directly approaching a Facebook friend for a romantic relationship. This can be out of fear of rejection, or harming their current relationship.

But what if the friend also has the same feelings and similar fears? Date your friends app makes it easy to initiate a romantic relationship with a Facebook friend.


Let your feelings be known

This app enables you let your feelings be known albeit anonymously. It allows you to select the Facebook friends you’d want to date while also keeping this secret.

Your feelings are only revealed when one or more of your selected friends installs the app and selects you as a possible date. Both of you are notified and the rest is left to you.

Only initiate dating when both parties are ready

You might have a crush on a Facebook friend but they aren’t ready to date you. If you choose to wait, this app can help you choose the perfect opportunity when your crush is ready.

It will notify you when they install the app and select you as a possible dating partner.


This app is free for use. It can be used on devices running on iOS 6 or later as well as Android smartphones.

Date your friends app is an innovative way for Facebook friends to make their feelings known and date their selected friends when the time is right.

It’s worth trying out if you are looking for the perfect opportunity to initiate a romantic relationship with a Facebook friend you’ve been having a crush on for long but don’t know how they feel.

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