EaseUS Partition Master is the Best Disk Management Tools for Windows 8

Windows 8 was a nice update for Windows series of operating systems from Microsoft. This was the first step taken by Microsoft in order to unify the whole ecosystem of mobile, PC and tablet.

Though not many people liked it at first, but it got some major updates and after a few updates it easily became one of the most used Windows versions. It came with a whole lot of new features like the new Modern UI, a new start menu and many other new features.

Many things were made easy on Windows 8 with the new charm menu and new keyboard shortcuts as well. But some things like Disk Management didn’t see any update and it worked the same way it did on Windows 7.

Disk Management tool is an important part of Windows OS and it provides great features to users who want to alter their storage partitions etc. Windows disk management has been the same since a long time now and even people who are familiar with Windows get confused while using it.

But the good thing is that there are third party tools that make the task really easy. In this post we will be talking about EaseUS Partition Master which is a third party tool to perform tasks like disk partition, merging two partitions etc. Let’s get started.

What is EaseUS Partition Master?

As I mentioned before, EaseUS Partition Master is a third party tool that you can use as a replacement for the Disk Management tool that comes by default on Windows 8. It has a really nice user interface that you can work with and you can perform tasks like making disk partitions, resizing partitions, merging multiple partitions etc.

Features of EaseUS Partition Master

Resize Partition

In case you have a partition that is running out of space, you can choose to have it resized by shrinking some partition and using the extra space in this one.

Merge Partitions

In case you have multiple partitions that you want to merge into one, then it is really simple to do it with EaseUS Partition Master.

Copy Partitions

This feature can be used in order to take a backup of a whole partition. This is also useful if you are changing your HDD and you want an automatic way to copy partitions on the new HDD.

Migrate OS to SSD

If you just added a SSD on your PC and you are looking forward to install Windows again on it, then we think you should check this feature out. Using this feature, you can easily migrate the OS on the SSD without any new install.


Head over to this linkand download the EaseUS Partition Master and use it to keep your HDD partition related woes at bay!

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