Ecrinal Nail Strengthener

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Ecrinal Nail Strengthener

This nail hardener is used in repairing brittle and splitting fingernails while strengthening the soft and fragile nails in the long run.

With its non-aggressive component, it quickly penetrates the cuticle of the nail and easily becomes invisible. It also protects the nails from microbial attack.


Active Ingredients 

It has silk lipesters which are vital in protecting and repairing of broken nails. In order to harden nails, while promoting growth and their fortification, the hardener has zinc and pro vitamin B5.

Other notable ingredients include methionine and organic silicium. One is guaranteed that the hardener is free of toluene and formaldehyde.


The nail hardener comes with a brush, used for smooth application on nails. For effective nail treatment, one is only required to apply the hardener thrice a week for a one month period.

It penetrates with much ease and quickly leaving total invisibility on the nails. Through this, one is able to protect the nails for a longer time, till the regain their strength.

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