Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training and Classes

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Paramedic courses & classes in Florida are designed to provide students sufficient knowledge and skills to become professional paramedic emergency technicians. In order to be part of such courses, students must earn completely EMT-B, which may require up to 150 hours, and EMT-A, which requires additional 80 hours.


The tuition fee for paramedic courses is about $15,000 but it is worth to invest in. Since students are required to perform the entrant exam, you should spend time to study and gain the instructor’s guidelines before your participation in this exam. Once you study hard, you can pass this exam easily since the instruction is very clear and precise.

Although the classes give you knowledge and develop your necessary skills, you should keep in mind that becoming an emergency technician in the real world is not so easy, simple because the practice requires fast acting and brightness in terms of technical aspect. Thus, prepare yourself before joining these classes to ensure your studying efficiency.

Texas schools for emergency medical technician training are developed based on the similar concept of such schools in New York or Florida. Students are required to complete in sequence from EMT-B, to EMT-A, and to Paramedic classes.

The fee for the paramedic courses including tuition fee, book, and study materials is about $20,000 but you can early earn at least $500 to $900 before you join this course as the EMT-B. Thus, there are no worries about this fee if you have a plan to study paramedic soon and save your money.

Making decisions are always hard and take time to consider. I do hope that you will take smart decisions to treat your health or start your career in healthcare sector.

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