Disaster comes without a warning. But with a little preparedness and practice, you can drastically improve your chances of emerging safely.

However, when left up to yourself, it can be difficult to give it precedence over everyday activities.

This is where technology steps in. The internet can help you keep tabs on all you need, before, during, and after every disaster. All you need to do is click, touch, and swipe on that incredible little device in your hands!

EOC-Ready ensures that you’re prepared for disasters before they come knocking at your doorstep by offering a disaster preparedness app.


It helps you work as a community, improving your chances of survival, while also making sure that you’re on top of the game.

From community contacts, regular news updates, to emergency push notifications and evacuations routes, this has it all.

Moreover, when stuck within, you also have the ability to update your status to call for help. For safety, it will guide you to the nearest shelter while giving you real time weather updates.

So with this little life-saver, you can easily improve your chances of survival in case of unforeseen catastrophes!

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