Escape To Antesia by Alon Mor

Music is the universal language, as it is the only form of art that unites people and cultures from all over the world, thus overcoming the barrier of language. One particular album that stands out when it comes to good music is “Escape To Antesia” by Alon Mor. The 17 year old musician from Israel is a natural talent – a fact that is easy to establish once you hear his tracks.

“Escape To Antesia” features high levels of sophistication, which is quite unique for a musician of his age. In addition to that, the sounds are quite diverse, thus ensuring that you are kept mesmerized for almost an hour.

Alon Mor’s album is complex and highly nuanced, as you will soon discover. As a matter of fact, these are subtle audio nuances that indicate that there is a depth of feeling and a certain meaning to everything.

To sum it all up, “Escape to Antesia” is Alon Mor’s way to redefine the divine complexity of music as a mean to express emotion and describe feelings.

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