Purchasing books is such a daunting experience especially if you have to buy them from a bookshop.

This is because when you want a specific book, it could be out of stock or it may be too expensive.

You may have to walk up and down multiple bookshops trying to find the exact book you are looking for, all in vain.

Even if you find it, you may spend hours queuing at the counter before you finally pay for it.

If you are searching for EveryDad, a better option is to purchase it from Amazon.com as it is faster, more reliable and easier to use.


At just $20, you will have your book delivered straight to your home or office, which is really convenient.

Given the great experience this book will give you and your child, you should definitely consider investing in it.

If you are not a father, then you should consider buying this book for a father or a child as it makes such a great Father’s Day gift or a gift for any other occasion.

At least then, you will be able to see a father bond with their child in the best way ever.

With this book, you will look back at the best memories as you create new ones, while becoming a fun dad.

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