Exif Viewer by Fluntro App review.

If you are a serious photographer and you love what you do then we have a great app just for you.

The Exif viewer by Fluntro is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional photographers.


This is a universal app that you can buy once and use it on any of your iOS devices including your iPad, iPhone or even your iPod Touch.

This app has the ability to share images even without the EXIF metadata using App or using Photos App extension

App contains 3 types of views:

a)Exif Cards view

b)Grid view

c)Map view

The app also allows you to zoom images without losing resolution or clarity.lt allows you to select your preffered data formats easily.

The app has the ability to hide the photos without the EXIF metadata.Navigation through your photos is much easier. You simply need to swipe left and right.


For iPads, you can use the app in either landscape or portrait mode and everything will just be fine.

You can visit https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id9441184456?mt=8 to view screenshots.

The app also allows you to get rid of the EXIF metadata including even the photos GPS location.

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