FaceDial for FaceTime, Call, Text & Email Favorites Buttons with Photos

With FaceDial, you can very easily FaceTime, call, text or email anyone on your contact list.

You can see your contacts’ photos too.

This app allows you to FaceTime, call, text or email your family and friends with one simple touch.

It not only works on iPhone devices but on Apple Watch too.

It is as simple as tapping the contact’s photo on the face of the watch.



How the App Works

  • Simply tap the “+” button to select a contact from your list of contacts.
  • Select the contact you want to talk to.
  • This creates a button which you can then tap to FaceTime, call, text or email.
  • You can edit a contact’s information with the “Edit” button.

Changing a Button’s Shape

  • Tap the “Edit” button once again.
  • Navigate to the size options to make the buttons bigger or smaller.
  • Select from the options available to change the shape of a button.


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