Farrah Abraham Isn’t Comfortable Acting With Simon Saran

It sounds a little silly but it is true. Farrah Abraham is not so comfortable having her boyfriend act in the same movie as her. Having had a series of failed relationships with many men, fans have been talking so much about her and now she wants to keep things out of curious eyes so that nothing goes wrong.

It is reported that there has been some bickering between her and the new guy in her life, but she is quick to quip that they are simply getting to know each other better and it is not what people think.

Saran has gone to the extent of knowing Farrah’s family including parents and siblings. This could be an indication that they have gone deeper than anyone imagines. As much as they seem to be close, she is insecure and says she tries to avoid public attention because this time their relationship should not break.

Perhaps she learnt lessons from her past heartbreaks and does not want to repeat those mistakes. Before getting close to Simon, others on the picture were James Deen, Daniel Alvrez and DJ Brian Dawe. All of them had been in the cast of Teen Mom.


Farrah was born in 1991 in Omaha Nebraska to an Italian cum Syrian father and mother of Danish and Sicilian descent. Her parents divorced in 2010 when she was only 19. She claims her parents abused her when she was a child and has scars of cuts, welts and bruises to show for it.

When she was in high school, she became a cheerleader. It was at this time that she met her teenage boyfriend Derek Underwood who impregnated her. She wanted to procure an abortion but her mother was against it. She brought forth a baby girl in 2009 known as Sophia Laurent Abraham.

Abraham appeared in a television series 16 and Pregnant broadcast by MTV. The program documented her pregnancy including the first months of motherhood. Later on, she also appeared in the series of Teen Mom which was broadcast in 2009. Her mother assaulted her around the same period which led to her arrest.

She sustained multiple injuries and decided she had to stop the physical abuse. She enrolled at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to pursue an Associate Degree in culinary arts. She left later when she got a job.

Apart from acting, she is an author, television personality and musician. Her first album, My Teenage Dream Ended was released on August 2012. It received negative reviews from critics. She is also known to act in pornographic movies that could be the reason she easily falls in love with men who are more intent in misusing her rather than love her in return.

She has claimed a number of times that she was drugged and raped by people during the shootings of the pornographic movies. She seems to be fond of creating controversies in the movie scene. Currently, it is rumored she is intent on repairing her severed relationship with her mom.

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